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Thank you for visiting my site. In this page you  will view
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 jobs. Unfortunately I can not post all photos as it 
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Persian Rug Weaving & Persian Rug Repair Class

Persian Sarouk runner. Very old with a big water rot. I had to remove a big area and reweave that area.


This was a very finely woven Persian Tabriz with severe water rot damage on one corner of the rug. I had to remove that section and reweave it. You see the picture of damage before, during, and after repair.




This was a large size Persian Heriz, which had lost a big chunk due to sever water rot. Entire area removed and everything rewoven.



This was a very finely woven Persian Bakhtiari with water rot damage near one corner of the rug.



Old Persian Kerman, fine one. Corner was missing due to a water rot. You see pictures of original damage, after cutting the bad parts-notice how that area gets larger to get to workable margin- during repair and end picture.



This was an old Persian Bijar runner . Border on one end was missing. I  made a loom on the end and wove back the border. First two pictures during work.


This old Persian Heriz had a large area of rot due to water leak from plant pot. I removed all the rotten area and wove the missing design back.


An antique Turkish Oushak rug with a big chunk -over 1 foot- of on corner lost due to water rot. Before and after repair.



This is a picture of an old Persian Heriz with damage to side of the rug near one end.



This is a picture of an old Persian Heriz with bad repair done to a water damage in one  side border of the rug. I had to remove all the bad repair and area around it. The area would have been much smaller if that previous repair was not done.



A Persian Kurdish rug with one end missing some of the weave.




Another Persian Heriz with water damage in border.




A Russian rug which had damage in middle of one end. 


This was an antique Persian Serapi with end borders missing. I made a loom to weave it back. Regretfully I do not have close picture of it after finish.