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Are you interested in learning the art of Persian rug repair and rug weaving ?

During the years that I have been working I have been asked many times if there is a school that teaches these arts and how they can learn. This has made me to put together a training course for people who are interested to learn. You should be truly interested to learn. This is art and it takes practice and surely lots of patience!  I treat this course as teaching you a hobby, one beautiful hobby. You might want to use it as a way in gaining income, that would be your choice, however you should be experienced enough to start repairing for customers*.

Weaving and repair are highly expertised professions. This course is about original Persian rug repair and weaving, not hooked rug or similar. This course will teach the basics of rug weaving on the loom, and basics of repair. This training will give you enough knowledge to be able to weave a simple Persian rug on a loom and and a general approach to repair and restoration techniques. This is how I explain this: I will teach how to do it and the techniques The more you practice, more expert you become.  Everything will be based on handmade Persian style rug weaving & repair.

Followings are topics I have included in the course.

  • Brief history of handmade rug.

  • Rug weaving industry past and now

  • Handmade rug structure

  • Introduction to rug types, weaves, knots

  • Looms, and tools

  • Weaving - every student will learn and practice weaving.

  • Reading map and putting weft after weaving each row.

  • Trimming

  • Evaluate nature of damage

  • Prepare the damaged area

  • Setting up the foundation and/or loom

  • Repairing hole

  • Repairing end loss

  • Restoring design

  • Final touch ups and blending

  • Double knotting fringes

  • Binding   ..... and more

There will be 2 looms. We'll weave a double weft pile rug on one, and a single weft rug on the other. Students will practice weaving on both looms. 

To practice repair, every student will receive a damaged piece of handmade rug. The taught repair techniques will be practiced on those pieces.

We will spend most of our time with practicing and real work of weaving and repairing. During these practices you will gain some mastery. And as I said before, practice is  essential. More practice gives you more experience and developing the skill to deal with different situation.

Class will be held in Atlanta, GA, and will be for 4 days . Fee is $3300 for each person. Including in the fee are: lunch, repair/weaving tools -2 pairs of weaving and repair scissors, weaving knife, pliers,etc.

Please EMAIL ME if you are interested to attend this unique and rare learning opportunity. Class date and more details will be announced once there are at least 10 confirmed students. 

Learn to restore this     back to this       (click for larger picture)

*I will not give any instruction for doing business, nor any guarantee that you can use this learning to make  money.



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